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Fairfield Matters needs you!

If you think that our role in keeping residents informed about local issues is worthwhile, you share our vision of a colourful, community-focused newsletter that is a pleasure to read, and you have a little (or a lot of) time to volunteer, read on to see how you can get involved. 

Editorial Board Members
Our core team of four already covers quite a few bases. We have a parish councillor, a couple of school governors, a Friend of the Orchards, and connections to many of the clubs and groups that run in Fairfield. (We also have one team member who doesn’t sit on any committees other than our own, and we are absolutely not a mouthpiece for any of those other organisations.)

We need: First and foremost, Fairfield residents who can identify, research and write original and unbiased stories that are relevant to other Fairfield residents. It would also be nice to have a technically minded person who can take our website forward, someone capable of setting up the print newsletter in InDesign, or someone with a legal background.

We don’t currently have any men, residents of Fairfield Hall or Fairfield Gardens, or anyone under 30 – but you don’t have to fit one of those gaps. We would be happy to welcome anyone who is serious about being involved.

Time commitment: One hour meeting per month plus whatever research, writing and editing time you are able to give.

Rewards: The privilege of being one of the first to know most of what goes on in Fairfield, and a chance to play a large part in shaping the newsletter, the website, the Facebook page, or all of the above. This is also a chance to build skills in publishing or web design within a small, friendly team – great for the CV if you’re just starting out or looking to change career.

Occasional Contributors
We welcome articles, photos and ideas from across Fairfield.

We need: Anyone who can identify gaps in the information we provide, and/or offer original material to fill them, either on a regular basis (e.g. if you have a link to a Fairfield club or activity) or just when you have something to say.

Time commitment: Entirely up to you.

Rewards: A chance to see your words and/or pictures in print.

Delivery Helpers
We currently have 15 people delivering between 45 and 200 copies each. A couple of places have come up recently, and we will need to introduce new delivery rounds as Fairfield grows.

We need: Two or three people to help with distribution.

Time commitment: Around half an hour on (usually) the first weekend of each month.

Rewards: A nice walk in beautiful surroundings and a warm fuzzy feeling.

Surveys and Feedback
Going forward, we hope to use our website and Facebook page to tap into local expertise and opinion. Please register on our website so that you can comment on our articles, and follow us on Facebook if you use it regularly. If you have an opinion (which we know lots of you do) please respond to our surveys and questions when you see them pop up, or get in touch with us direct if you prefer not to respond publicly.

We need: Just a little honest input from a lot of people.

Time commitment: A few minutes a month.

Rewards: A community newsletter that is more relevant to you.

To get involved, email editor@fairfieldmatters.com, contact us through our website or send a message to our Facebook page.

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