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Report a problem

Fairfield Park

Roads, pavements, streetlights
The direct links in the ‘Report a problem’ menu above can be used to report street light failures, potholes and other problems on roads or pavements which have been adopted by Central Bedfordshire Council. Unadopted roads are usually the responsibility of the developers, but problems here can be reported to Scanlans, who should either resolve the issue or notify the developer on your behalf. Please make a note of the details and report the problem to Scanlans by calling 0121 7118866 or to the Fairfield Park Residents’ Association by emailing feedback@fairfield-park.com.

Recreational areas and footpaths
Most of these areas are managed by Scanlans in consultation with the Fairfield Park Residents’ Association (FPRA). Call Scanlans on 0121 7118866 or email the FPRA on feedback@fairfield-park.com.

Fairfield Hall

Building and grounds maintenance
To contact the maintenance company responsible for the building and grounds, including refuse collection, email maintenance@fairfieldhall.co.uk, or, for urgent issues 8am–5pm only, call Stephen Bundy on 07944 673973. Outside these hours call the managing agent on 01992 500040 or email management@hscpm.co.uk.

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