You may have noticed a pungent smell permeating Fairfield over the last few weeks. The smell has been strongest near the western shelter belt.

Fairfield Parish Council (FPC) Chairman Chris Bidwell has personally visited the Anglia Water (AW) sewage works and not only spoken to staff, but toured the site. Chris states that the site is working exactly as it should be and that there has been no malfunction of the equipment.

AW is still monitoring the air quality both on site and around Fairfield on a regular basis, as they said they would last year, but in particular recently following complaints. They have not found any substances likely to be responsible for the smell, although they have noticed high levels of carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide, both on the Hitchin Road and on Dickens Boulevard. These gases are normally the result of traffic pollution, and may be from the traffic queues that wait for the roadworks at the new development.

FPC continues to liaise with officers from Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) to identify where the smell is originating, and CBC is investigating whether the recent odours have come from AW or whether they are a result of fertiliser being spread on nearby fields.

Residents are reminded that they should still report any incidents to CBC by phone on 0300 300 4386, or to the Environment Agency 24-hour telephone hotline on 0800 80 70 60.