Have Your Say on changes to bin collections – consultation ends 5pm on 20 April.

Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) are currently consulting on possible changes to our bin collections as the current contract is coming up for renewal in 2019.

The CBC website explains the options in detail, but in essence the changes being considered are:

Collecting black bins less frequently (every three weeks)

Making garden waste collection optional (with a charge) and changing the current green bags to wheelie bins

Introducing a separate box for paper and cardboard in addition to the current green recycling bin

Introducing a separate box for kerbside glass collection

The website gives full details of the reasoning behind each option, but nothing has been decided yet. To read up for yourself and fill in the questionnaire visit http://www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/council/consultations/bin-collections/overview.aspx

Please note that no changes are being suggested to bin collections for flats, so Fairfield Hall is not affected.