Following a couple of accidents and several near misses on our roads, a group of residents (backed by Fairfield Parish Council) has joined Community Speed Watch, a Bedfordshire Police initiative which aims to reduce road casualties by educating drivers. 

Local resident volunteers are trained and insured before assisting Police by checking and recording the speed of vehicles being driven on Fairfield’s roads. The volunteers cannot issue fines, but the information they collect can be used by the Police to provide written advice to the owners of vehicles found exceeding the speed limit, and passed to local officers so that persistent offenders can be targeted.

The aim of the Speed Watch group is to improve the quality of life of residents by making Fairfield’s roads safer. If you would like to volunteer to join them, please contact Jules Donel, Watch Scheme Development Coordinator, by emailing or call 01582 473122. Alternatively you can email and ask for your details to be passed on.

Nick Reynolds, Fairfield Speed Watch Coordinator