After many delays, Ruskin Drive, Fairfield Park Lower School’s second site, finally opened fully on 30 October. Three classes are currently operational with 77 children from Reception to Year 2; more will be added based on demand, similar to when Dickens Boulevard opened in 2007. Mrs Stone, headteacher, said “I am very proud that we are finally in our new school, it has fantastic grounds and space to develop into a great learning hub for our families. It was lovely today to see the school vibrant with children chattering, laughing and engaged, especially after so long talking to builders and designers.”

Parents of children transitioning to the new site had the opportunity to visit the new classrooms and then tour the new facilities on 18 October. On Friday 19 October, all Ruskin Drive classes walked to the new building and spent the morning settling into their new classrooms and having lunch there. There will be opportunities for the wider community to visit the school in the coming months.

Ruskin Drive has many lovely features including an impressively large school hall (which is available to hire), a ‘learning street’ which all the classes open out onto which is a versatile learning space, and superb outside facilities including a grassed amphitheatre and full-size football pitch.