The parish council elections will be held on 2 May, the same day as the county council elections. All seven Fairfield Parish Council seats are up for election, so real change is possible. It is imperative that you are registered to vote – and that you do vote. You have absolutely no right to complain about anything if you haven’t taken the trouble to cast your vote. If you are away or unable to come to the polling station you can apply now for a postal vote. Just search ‘postal vote’ on the Central Bedfordshire Council website and fill in the form.

Timescales for voters

Poll card delivery: 5–9 April

Last date for registration: 12 April

Postal vote application deadline: 5pm on 15 April

Proxy vote application deadline: 5pm on 24 April

Polling day: Thursday 2 May

If you have strong feelings about how things should be done, how about going a step further and putting yourself forward as a candidate? This is the way to really make a difference to the way Fairfield evolves and develops. There are huge challenges ahead as our community grows. We need new blood, fresh ideas and different minds to take Fairfield into the future. You can speak to any of the current councillors or the parish clerk about the what the role entails. All contact information is on the website:

If you do decide to stand, nomination packs will be available from 4 March. Email now to register your interest.