Elections will be held on Thursday 2 May 2019 in Fairfield Community Hall. There are 8 candidates for 7 seats.

Below are the candidates’ manifestos.

thumbnail_AndrewsNick ANDREWS

I have enjoyed living in Fairfield since 2006. During this time, I’ve been able to transfer the commercial experience and leadership skills gained running global businesses – including my present role leading an EMEA division of a marketing business, to enhance the operation of our local community initiatives and services.

Presently, I am Chair of the Community Trust, that presides over the running of the Fairfield Community Hall. This has afforded me the opportunity to introduce locally led initiatives – enriching the lives of young and old, those living with family or in single households amongst us. These initiatives include; ‘Cafe in the park’ (seniors), ‘Rhyme and story time’ (parents & toddlers). As a councillor, I would continue to champion the use of council resources, to develop a breadth of community activities.

I’m an active member of the Friends of the Orchards. I also enjoy meeting and working alongside fellow volunteers at community events such as, the “Fun Run” and the 11th November commemoration.

Core to community prosperity, is investment that promotes better health and wellbeing. Our refurbished Community Hall was designed to promote wellbeing through the newly introduced emergency and ambient lighting, plus the colour and design optimising not only look and feel, but also prioritising safety and inclusivity.

My belief is that a strong local community underpins a stronger and more resilient society, and as councillor my priority is to invest our time and resources to foster a more supportive and inclusive community for all.

thumbnail_DackBarrie Edward DACK

Fairfield has a great community feel and it’s the friendliest place I have lived.

But there is more to do. I have been a member of the council since it was formed in April 2013 and am a past chairman.

In that time we have safeguarded our green spaces as far as possible. We have used Government Legislation for the ‘Right to Bid’ and through the Green Infrastructure policies of our Neighbourhood Plan.

Developers/Investment companies are desperately searching for sites and I will be far happier if we can wrest away all community greenspaces from their hands and put their destiny and ownership into those of the parish council. This will make them far more secure and allow them to be developed into facilities for the community as a whole.

It is important also that we fight to keep the greenspace that surrounds Fairfield which could be under threat from the housing proposals for land known as East of Arlesey.

Visitors marvel at our facilities for the very young. But there is precious little for children over 12 and even less for those over 21. I will continue to argue and campaign to provide facilities for all

As a retired journalist, I have covered meetings from Parish Council to Parliament. In that time I have seen communities at all levels forced into strife and division by the ideology of individuals. If elected, I will continue to fight efforts to avoid this and remain as one community.

thumbnail_Daffarnv2Penny DAFFARN

I have been a parish councillor since the Fairfield Council was formed in 2013.

I am retired, so am more able to offer time and energy to our parish, and thereby contribute to the growth of this amazing place. If re-elected I will continue to work towards improving our facilities, environment and community spirit.

During my time on the council I have been an active and hands-on member, my main concerns and contribution being the outdoors, and especially the orchards. I play a lead role in rescuing the fruit trees from what many thought was terminal decay. Along with my husband and our trusty band of volunteers, we organise the successful annual Apple Days. I represented the council on the group designing the Orchard Nature Trail, and I remain the council’s member on the Etonbury Green Wheel committee.

Until last year, I had sole responsibility for the Christmas lights in the Urban Park, overseeing a gradual increase in the quality and quantity of the displays (always mindful of budget constraints). I chaired the committee that planned and delivered the WW1 event in November. Fairfield Matters newsletter is another of my interests; for several years I have been on the editorial and delivery teams.

As well as my parish involvements, I spend a lot of time giving (grand) childcare, so I am acutely conscious of the concerns of the younger age groups in our community.

Apart from all that, I walk, cycle, enjoy going to the gym and taking active holidays.

thumbnail_HurleyMatthew Stuart HURLEY

My name is Matthew Stuart Hurley and I am standing for nomination as a Parish Councillor for Fairfield Parish Council.

I moved to Fairfield Gardens nearly 16 months ago with my wife and what really impressed me about the area is the sense of community instilled within Fairfield, which was something we had never experienced in our previous homes.

I am a research scientist working on HIV and Emerging Pathogens at the National Institute for Biological Medicines and Control (NIBSC) which is part of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). I am also an active and vocal member of several committees in the Agency, primarily as a representative for all scientific staff. I therefore have experience in the machinations of Government and localised Task and Finish Groups. My scientific work has given me the skills to scrutinise the detail of issues at hand whilst my involvement in Agency-wide committees has given me the knowledge and understanding of the bigger picture when making decisions.

Although I have no political persuasion, I feel that it is important to make a difference not only in my work environment but also within my community. I believe I can utilise all of my professional and personal skills as a Fairfield Parish Councillor to make decisions that benefit not just Fairfield Gardens but Fairfield as a whole. I also want to ensure the positivity of the Fairfield community is maintained as it grows to welcome more residents to the area.

thumbnail_Littlev2Simon Charles Joseph LITTLE

I moved to Fairfield in the Spring of 2006 when looking for something more affordable away from St Albans and not at all expecting to find such a beautiful setting. I was a member of the original Fairfield Park Residents’ Association (the parish council didn’t exist back then) until my children came along and family life took over.

Fairfield has so much going for it but I see much left to do – areas to hand over, young adults to engage, encroaching developments to manage and the identity of Fairfield to maintain. Now that my children are at school, I have time to be more directly involved in representing our interests.

In my day job I work from home for a large pharmaceutical company in a role which involves collaborating closely with people: seeing their perspectives, understanding their needs, and knowing how to deliver the results they want within ‘the rules’ that exist.

Willingness to dig into the details and ask questions, the ability to listen to alternative ideas and perspectives, and a diplomatic and transparent approach are all key. I feel that these skills are directly transferable to the role of a councillor.

I hope that residents share my view, and will put their faith in me to make positive decisions for Fairfield and deliver results on their behalf.

thumbnail_HuntAmanda Maria MARIONI HUNT

I joined Fairfield Parish Council last year as I have always taken a keen and vocal interest in our community.

I am standing again as I want to put my commitment and determination in to actively safeguarding our peaceful and beautiful environment as our village grows and develops.

There is still more to be done to maintain and improve our environment on an ongoing basis.

I want to continue to actively meet the future challenges, for example; improving our facilities, road safety and developing strategies to reduce the impact of planned surrounding housing developments on Fairfield. These will need to be tackled with enthusiasm, dedication and commitment which I have done for the past 12 months.

I moved to Fairfield in 2005 with my husband from London in search of a better quality of life. The following year we had our son and my retired parents also relocated here.

My background is in banking and finance and I am a company director in the financial services industry.

I’m proud and thankful for the community that we have all built over the years and continue to build.

We are exceptionally lucky to live here. I still want to do all I can to continue to protect and to improve the quality of life for all residents of Fairfield.

thumbnail_Readerv2Shawn David READER

Shawn Reader: Born and schooled locally in Hitchin. Moved to Fairfield in 2007 with a young family and have watched them grow and flourish in a neighbourly and safe community. I am inspired by the team that formed the inaugural council and am in admiration at what they have done for the community and what they have achieved for Fairfield in a relatively short space of time. I recognise that this effort takes a toll and now my family has grown up it’s time to step up and give one of the councillors a bit of a rest.

I believe that people are genuinely proud to live and say they live on Fairfield and I want to help the council carry on the good work that has helped to foster this sentiment. I already have a reasonably broad network of contacts and acquaintances on The Park having been an early committee member of Fairfield Youth Club and have a reasonable understanding of the needs of the wider community from young to old.

Having been in business for many years I have driven change, helped others to develop and sought continuous improvement. I aim to utilise these skills to help continue to shape Fairfield into an ever more wonderful place to live.

thumbnail_ReynoldsNicholas REYNOLDS

I moved to Fairfield in June 2007 and into a brand new house. Construction was still going on and I commuted to work in London. However I felt almost immediately that I had always lived on Fairfield.

Since then a lot has changed, I retired from my job in London and now work part time. The original Fairfield development was completed and the parish council was created.

I became involved in the Fairfield community early on, helping the campaign to form the parish council, and joining the Fairfield Park Residents Association committee. I was involved in Fairfield Matters newsletter from the start.

More recently I became a Friend of the Orchards and have taken part in their restoration, and have assisted in organising the very successful Fairfield Apple Day’s. This year I became Chairman of the FPRA.

I am concerned with the safety of the community and I am involved in running the Community Speed Watch group.

Fairfield is a unique and fantastic place to live, the community spirit is amazing and built up very quickly thanks to the energy of those involved. The parish council has been a driving force behind providing the Fairfield community with facilities and representing their views at the district council. Fairfield faces a lot of challenges both in the near future and going forward. If I am elected it is my aim to foster community cohesion and ensure that it remains a place where people want to live and raise their family.