Around the middle of May a few privileged residents of Fairfield Park began to receive visits from a peacock. After some initial confusion it was established that the bird belongs to Lower Wilbury Farm – but seems to be enjoying the gardens and rooftops in the southeast corner of the park. 

After a few days the male bird was joined by a female, and the two continue to be spotted periodically. There are two more hens back at the farm, where the four have been in residence for a couple of months. 

Dean and Katie Whybrow of Lower Wilbury Farm have made a couple of attempts to catch them and have asked to be kept informed if they are seen roosting low, as that is the easiest time to retrieve them – but they are content that the birds seem happy on the park and will return home on their own eventually. In the meantime they are not causing a nuisance. If you have any concerns, please contact the farm.