I first learned about the massive benefits and power of essential oils whilst pregnant with my third child. My cousin kindly sent me some oils to help with hormone balancing and I’ve not looked back since. 

In actual fact, my husband can tell the difference the minute I’m not wearing my hormone-balancing oil in my diffusing necklace! After a few months I’d used my oils to support various illnesses and keep our emotions under control like peppermint for headaches, focus blend for keeping the children on track and even a five-oil concoction for tonsillitis with my two year old. But then I started to understand the other ways they could be used. 

When I found out the average household smokes around 20 cigarettes worth of toxins in a week just through cleaning products alone I had to find out how I could use my oils to live a toxin-free life. I now make my own cleaning products, air freshener, hand soap, shampoo and face cream just to name a few. 

With three young children it was really important for me to know what is in the products on their skin and in turn they are now in love with the oils too…they each have their own chosen roller bottle scent and not only my children but my neighbours’ children now queue at our door for some ‘magic spray’ before school every day. 

On top of this I am saving so much money as they are working out far cheaper to use in our everyday lives. I am still learning about how I can continue to create a toxin-free life for myself, my children and of course the planet. If anyone would like to learn more about creating this life and joining my Fairfield natural living community then please send me a message through Fairfield Matters.

Laura-Jane Bell, Fairfield Park resident