This summer in the red tent women’s circle we decided to make the most of the lovely Fairfield area and have moved our gatherings outside. We find a secret spot in the woodlands and gather round under the canopy of the trees to enjoy the wonderful feeling of being submerged in nature.

The purpose of the red tent is to give women a place where they can offload and seek support from each other so they can go out into the world renewed and revitalised. We each have some time to talk without interruption, without being judged and under the assurance that nothing will be repeated outside the meeting (what’s said in red tent, stays in red tent!). 

Little things we do help create this safe space so a woman can immediately feel comfortable talking about things that really matter to her. We light candles and burn herbs to mark the time as special, creating an atmosphere which is hard to capture in words. 

Now we are enjoying the summer months the drums often come out. There is nothing better in my opinion than drumming in the woods! You don’t need any skill at all – it’s all about letting loose and having fun (we have a few drums to share). 

There might be a meditation, a discussion about women’s issues, or we may choose oracle cards and use them as discussion points for things that have been on our minds. It’s such a great feeling to be amongst the trees with other like-minded women with the intent to reconnect and recharge. 

Our location is fluid at the moment so please join our facebook group Red Tent North Herts (Fairfield) or email to find out more. The next meetings are on Sunday 4 August and Sunday 1 September, 7.30pm, Fairfield Park. 

With love, Laura and Becky