Inspired by your ‘Our Orchards’ article last month and the regular ‘Where Am I’ feature, I offer another challenge to readers! I always think of aconite as the harbinger of Spring. This photo was taken only a few steps from a path which many residents walk every day, but never think to step off. Soon, perhaps even in time for the next edition, I will offer you a similar photo of bluebells in a location adjacent to the aconite.

My only reserve is that people may find and dig up these beautiful wild plants! Inevitably we lost so many wild flowers with the development of Fairfield. Even more sadly, and sometimes as a result of inept actions, we have unnecessarily lost areas of natural wild habitat. These could and would have served so well as cover to support insects, rodents and in turn owls and other birds of prey and mammals. 

Geoff Smith, Middlemarch resident