Be part of a legacy at Fairfield! Volunteers are required to help plant the 420 saplings that will be arriving this winter. Do you have a group or family unit that would enjoy planting saplings to ensure the future of our woodlands?

Fairfield Park Residents Association have recently received confirmation from the Woodland Trust that we have been awarded 420 native tree saplings. These will be planted within the shelter belts to re-invigorate the woodlands. By planting a whole host of new, young trees, which will also include the introduction of new species, we will widen the habitat and ecological value of the woodland. The saplings will be planted in batches of 15 at sites that have been identified and marked out around Fairfield.

Further details will follow nearer the planting date, but we expect the event to take place in December or January. The event will take into account the latest Covid 19 precautions. We would welcome as many ‘family or support bubbles’ as possible to come help plant the new trees, and we will ensure that these ‘bubbles’ of volunteers are social distanced at all times.

If you would like to take part, please contact us by email:

Fairfield Park Residents’ Association