Winter pruning complete

The apple orchards had a bit of a spring clean last month. A stalwart band of Friends of the Fairfield Orchards spent a few hours over a couple of weekends taking care of the apple trees and giving them their yearly ‘haircut’. Canopies were trimmed, some dead wood was removed to stabilise the trees (although a lot is left to provide habitat for invertebrates) and new growth was managed to maintain the tree shapes. That’s it for the cold-weather work!

And spring on the way

The blossom that is opening now in the West Orchard is plum blossom; the apple trees will not follow until April – but the sight and the smell of this early blossom is a welcome reminder that longer, warmer days are on the way. There will be more work to do in the spring managing blossom wilt, and then of course the apples will need to be picked for Apple Day, pies, cakes, apple juice and cider in the autumn. If this sounds like something you would like to get involved in, email to join the Friends of the Fairfield Orchards mailing list.