Dear Editor,

 My children play in what they call the ‘den’ … the trees behind the tennis courts… and I was very sad to see last week that the children’s books had been taken from the phone box library and burnt there. My little girl discovered it and was so upset when she came to tell me. I have to say I was sad to see it too, it hurt my heart. I get the whole having a fire thing – I used to do it as a teenager on the beaches where I grew up – but there is just something so awful about burning books.

Laura Probert

Dear Editor,

 I’ve just seen the notice on the Fairfield Family Forum Facebook page about all the children’s books being taken from the telephone library and burnt by the tennis courts! I am devastated. I re-stocked all the childrens books last week – there were some brilliant ones in there for the children. The larger plastic box I swapped in was carried over there too. As the books are the property of Fairfield Parish Council do we need to do anything? Is it a Police matter?

The telephone box elf

Dear Editor,

 I noticed in FM last month the note about bulb planting. It was the old FPRA’s social committee who organised the bulb planting event in conjunction with Martin Bass Ltd.

Jan Sweatman was the chairperson in those days and I was a committee member. I still have copies of the planting plans for 2013 and some meeting notes for bulb planting as far back as 2010. I have also some photographs of some residents doing the planting.

Martin Bass and others used to donate considerable quantities of bulbs. He additionally supplied one or two of his men and a mini digger free of charge on the Sunday that the planting took place. Each year we tried to cover a different area in Fairfield.

Christine Bunting