Brain tumour charities

There has been a lot of buzz locally, including around Fairfield, about Ethan Martin. This little boy from Stotfold was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2016 at the age of five. After a year in remission the cancer recently returned in his head and spine – he is now six and back in treatment. There have been several local fundraisers, with money raised being donated direct to the family, to help fund days out and a holiday. Visit Ethan’s fundraising page to find out more.

Also fundraising for brain tumours, but this time donating to The Brain Tumour Charity, is Laura Spaul. She has lived in Fairfield for almost four years and recently reached out to the community for sponsorship for a 25-mile walk around Windsor that she is taking part in on Saturday 31 March. You can read more about Laura and her own link to brain cancer on her fundraising page.


Valentine’s day cake sale

The staff of Tesco Fairfield Park raised an amazing £115 for the Sunny Days Children’s Fund, a national charity which helps children with a wide range of life-hindering conditions and terminal illnesses to afford treatment and enjoy time with their families. Cakes were baked by Tesco staff and sold in the store on 14 February. Thanks to all who bought them!


February’s PTA quiz

The ever-popular PTA quiz on Friday 9 February attracted a nice mix of old hands and new faces and raised an impressive £460 for Fairfield Park Lower School. Congratulations to winning team Outnumbered and a big thank you to Steve and Faye Carrington for conducting the quiz. 

For those who missed out and want to test their general knowledge in preparation for the next one: 

Q  When is the only time (or place) a Union Jack can correctly be called a Union Jack? 

A  The only time the Union Flag is officially called the Union Jack is when it is being flown at sea. (A “jack” is a national maritime flag flown at the head of a ship.)


Our own little bit

Fairfield Matters is a non-profit community newsletter run by volunteers. We carry only as much advertising as we need to cover the costs of production and have in our constitution that any surplus funds held at the end of each year should be distributed among local charities. 

In February, thanks to a restructure last year, we were able not only to hold our advertising prices down for 2018 but to make small donations to Fairfield Scouts, the Need Project and Brain Tumour Research. 


Glitz & Glamour call for auctionable experiences

Connor Whelan, partner of Scott Paterson who owns The Orchard, and Hannah Brown, Scott’s Assistant Manager, are the faces behind April’s Glitz & Glamour Ball – hosted, of course, by The Orchard. They are both running marathons this year andhope the event will help boost their fundraising. 

Connor’s grandfather died of cancer ten years to the day of this year’s London Marathon on 22 April, which is why he has chosen to run for Cancer Research. Hannah is running the Brighton Marathon a week earlier, on 15 April. She does a lot of work for mental health awareness and has her own website and blog dedicated to this, so Mind is her chosen charity.

As well as ticket sales there will be an auction on the night to raise money for the two charities. Among the items up for grabs are personal training sessions, dance lessons, gift vouchers and spa treatments – but they think they can do better. Anyone who can offer any other items is asked to get in touch!