Back in March, Fairfield Parish Council made a grant of £2,000 to the Community Garden. We visited and spoke to Spencer Oliver to see how the money is being spent.

If you’ve not been to see what’s changed recently, you should check it out, it’s looking fantastic. Located beside Fairfield Bowls Club and behind the Urban Park, the garden has really evolved this year and has some fabulous features, including an impressive willow pirate boat.

Delve deeper and there are lots of amazing things planted in the sleeper beds and around the decorative path – take a wander and see what you can spot. Look out for the row of rose bushes, which will look incredible when fully grown.

The 1st Fairfield Park Beavers and Cubs have been working hard here in the last few weeks. They have created a willow fence, which adds a lovely feature to the outside of the garden, and planted some sunflowers and vegetables. 

There are plans to lay grass on the mount kidney (named by the Beavers) in the coming months, and build a shed with a veranda where people can sit and enjoy the garden.

If you’d like to help craft this special space, come along and join the working group on Fridays from 11am–1pm. Or if you have any plants that have outgrown your garden, Spencer (07776 185649) can put them to good use here.

Well done to all who have worked hard to create such a wonderful community asset for Fairfield.