After a quiet couple of years, Fairfield is once again experiencing a bout of antisocial behaviour. Reports of bikers doing wheelies in Dickens Boulevard and racing along footpaths have filled our social media, and car loads of teenagers (as well as bikes) making their way noisily from the southwest corner of Fairfield Park to the Blue Lagoon on a nightly basis have kept local residents awake and occasionally intimidated them. There has also been significant damage to the kissing gate at the end of Brunel Walk.

Residents are reminded that any antisocial behaviour or safety concerns should be reported to the Police by calling 101, and that anyone causing damage to property is committing a criminal offence. The police can only take action if they are aware that something has happened, and the more people reporting incidents, the more notice they will take.  

Unfortunately the kissing gate in Brunel Walk is too badly damaged to be repaired and will have to be replaced at the expense of Fairfield Park residents, since this kind of damage is not covered by insurance.