If you have a few hours to spare and would like to put them to good use improving our surroundings, sharing your skills with others or just giving something back to the community, Fairfield offers plenty of opportunities for volunteering. This month we are featuring the Fairfield Park Residents’ Association (FPRA) – read on to find out more. 

Who are they? A committee of Fairfield Park residents originally set up to challenge the builders on grounds and maintenance issues who now work with the Fairfield Park Residents’ Company (FPRC, the limited company set up by the developers to manage the communal areas) and Scanlans to manage and maintain Fairfield Park’s shared areas, and who will eventually take over from the current developer-nominated directors of the FPRC.

What do they do? Advise the FPRC on maintenance and oversee the upkeep of green spaces, shelter belts, footpaths, associated lighting and trees that fall within Fairfield Park, as well as helping set the budget for the rentcharge that is paid by residents. The areas they are responsible for are set out in property owners’ TP1. As the date of handover draws closer, the current directors of the FPRC have allowed FPRA committee members to act as ‘shadow directors’, taking on more responsibility in preparation for their new roles. For example, FPRA members recently sat on the panel that interviewed companies invited to tender for the grounds maintenance contract when it came up for renewal.

Who can join? All owners in Fairfield Park are shareholders in the FPRC. The FPRA welcomes any shareholder who has an interest in maintaining our environment to the ideals set by the planners. Business knowledge also helps, but is not essential.

Where and when do they meet? Meetings are held quarterly in the Community Hall. 

What’s in it for me? A chance to be closely involved in the management of Fairfield Park, and, eventually, to take over as a director of FPRC.

How can I get involved? Write to feedback@fairfield-park.com and ask to be co-opted onto the committee.

Why now? Once road adoptions have been completed and land registry issues resolved (which it looks like CBC are finally taking seriously) the current directors of the FPRC will stand down and management will be transferred to the shareholders. The FPRA is keen to expand its membership now to prepare people to confidently stand for election as directors of the FPRC when that moment arrives. It is crucial to the future of Fairfield Park that the shareholders are able to field a strong board of directors when control is handed over, so the more experienced FPRA committee members we have, the better.