The UK charity Kicks Count is once again holding its annual Festive Challenge to collect used stamps (UK or foreign) in order to raise vital funds for its charity work. Its mission is to raise awareness of how important it is for expectant mothers to monitor their babies’ movements in the womb and quickly seek medical help if they are concerned. Fundraising pays for leaflets and posters to be printed and distributed nationwide to midwives, antenatal groups, doctors’ surgeries and hospitals, and each stamp collected could help save a precious little life. 

Fairfield resident Claire Hewitt-Tecim is a volunteer who acts as a local collection point for the charity, which is a cause close to her heart. Their goal is to collect 50kg of stamps – approximately 260,000 – by the end of the Christmas period. The charity raises money throughout the year from stamps that otherwise would have been just thrown in the bin (what a waste!), but it is especially relevant in the run up to Christmas when many people will send and receive cards. All the collected stamps get weighed and bought by a waste stamp collector.

If you are able to collect large amounts of stamps, for example from work, school, social groups, family and friends, then please do, or just keep stamps from your own post. Any amount, large or small, is useful. 

The Fairfield Park Beavers and Cubs have kindly placed a collection box on the table in the foyer of Fairfield Community Hall. 

For further information about the charity visit http://www.kicks​ or search Facebook for the group Stamp Recycling in aid of Kicks Count.