Are you fed up with the way adults are running things around here? Would you like your voice to be heard? 

What about a Youth Council? 


A Youth Council is a formal ‘board’ of young people that provides representation or a ‘voice’ for youth in the community. It could be associated with the parish council, who could provide recommendations and guidance around issues affecting young people. 

A budget could be allocated. 


A Youth Council could give you and your friends a forum to voice your needs and an opportunity to make a difference.

Young people like you often have tons of energy to contribute to community development activities. 

(Adults often find themselves not having enough time to accomplish all that they would like.)

(And they might want different things anyway.)

Youth Council volunteers in communities around the world are helping to get stuff done.

And it could be fun! 

A Youth Council need not be any more complex than that. It could just be an excuse to meet up and focus on things that interest you.

Interested? Have a chat with some mates and get in touch with