Women meet in the Red Tent once a month to get away from the busyness of their lives and have some time for themselves in the company of other women. We ask a question of each woman ‘How are you?’ and we listen without interruption, or judgement, and in complete confidence. It is an incredibly powerful and cathartic thing to speak and know that you are being fully heard, and permitted to just be who you are without having to wear any mask or fulfil any role. We invite women to bring something to the circle if they wish such as a poem, a song, a craft activity, a visualisation, a discussion point, or any other nourishing, thought provoking or interesting offering they can think of. We ask ‘what do you need?’ and if we can, we provide it. Women may ask for a shoulder massage, or some healing, or advice.

Whilst us women may spend a lot of time together in everyday life, there is usually a child demanding our attention, others opinions to navigate, or other family member’s feelings to consider. The Red Tent is a time to really let go of all that, stepping out of mundane life and into a special space. There is something incredibly magical about women coming together in circle like this. The interests of the women that attend determine the shape the activities that take place, and it is very much a co-creation.

We meet Sundays near the new moon (3 February this month) at 7.30–10pm in Fairfield Community Hall. A small donation to cover costs is requested. For more information check out our Facebook page Red Tent North Herts (Fairfield) or email us on redtentnorthherts@outlook.com.

With love, 

Becky and Mimi, Red Tent North Herts.