Once upon a time, Fairfield Park Lower School celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as their favourite book characters. This action packed day was filled with colourful costumes and lots of enthusiastic speaking and listening!

We interviewed a couple of children about their costumes and found out that a child, named Teddy, dressed up as The Cat In The Hat and she brought a hat and a bow for her props. If she wasn’t able to come as The Cat In The Hat, she told us that she would have come as Mary Poppins. Another child called Eleanor dressed as Elsa and her prop was a crown. If she wasn’t able to come as Elsa she would come as Anna, as her favourite book is Frozen. 

Where’s Wally Mayhem!
There were over 20 ‘Where’s Wallys’ in the school! Most children thought it was funny, people were smiling everywhere!



We interviewed Mr Kendall, one of our awesome PE teachers, he was quick to share his experiences of the day…

Did you see any unusual costumes?
I saw an awful lot of ‘Where’s Wally?’ characters, I found this very unusual!

Who did you dress up as?
I dressed up as ‘Where’s Wally’, everyone must have had the same fabulous idea – great minds think alike!

What was your favourite costume?
My favourite was an Oompah Loompah costume, it made me smile!

Which one was the funniest costume?
Wally was the funniest character.

Six children, from Dickens Boulevard, interviewed Mrs Metrovich who is a member of the Office team at Ruskin Drive.

What was your favourite costume?
Ooh that is a hard question, I think Captain Underpants, he wore flesh coloured swimming cap, vest and tights then wore his underpants and cape. He looked very good.

Apart from dressing up, did you celebrate World Book Day differently at Ruskin Drive?
The children bought in their favourite book and dressed as their favourite character so pretty much the same as you at Dickens.

Did the adults at Ruskin dress up as Where’s Wally just like staff at Dickens?
Yes they did, except Mrs Watson who came as Little Red Riding Hood and Mrs Pedley, who came as a ladybird from What the Ladybird Heard.



Mr Andrews’ assembly was a hit with Fairfield Park Lower School. All of the people in the hall were laughing their heads off.  He had a Superman costume underneath his usual clothes!

We have asked children from different classes what they thought of the assembly and this is what they said: ‘We really enjoyed Mr Andrews’ assembly because he held a teddy dressed as Batman and he wore a super costume!’



Children’s favourite books 

We asked children who their favourite author was and we got a lot of answers. First we asked year 3, here are their favourite authors:

Dav Pilkey who wrote Captain Underpants and J. K. Rowling who wrote Harry Potter. Next we asked year R, they all like Valerie Thomas who wrote Winnie the Witch. Year 4 love Tom Gates therefore their favourite author is Liz Pichon!

Staff’s favourite books

We have gathered information from adults around the Community about what their favourite children’s book is.

Our information shows that the most popular books are: The Magic Faraway Tree, Old Bear stories, Roald Dahl, Winnie the Pooh, Cat in the Hat, Harry Potter and the Gruffalo.

‘Tough one but I love The Gruffalo,’ stated Mr Mikeil.


World Book Day took our breath away and was a truly memorable experience! Families had really used their imaginations and we spotted Mary Poppins, Tom Gates, Dennis the Menace and even a banana who we suspected had escaped from Kitchen Disco.  Next year we would like a Fantastically famous author come to visit our school, we hope Michael Rosen reads this!



Title: Sharing a Shell
Author: Julia Donaldson
Illustrator: Lydia Monks
Recommended for: 3+ (an adult may need to read aloud)
Summary: The book is about a crab with no shell and he asks another crab if he wants to share his shell. Things take a turn for the worst when a gull approaches, but thankfully an unbreakable bond saves the day. This is an awesome story of friendship against all of the odds!
Star rating: * * * * 

Title: Kitchen Disco
Author: Clare Foges
Illustrator: Al Murphy
Recommended for: Children aged 3–9 and for pumping, jumping crazy kids.
Summary: There’s a party in the kitchen and you’re invited! This is a fantastically funny book about pieces of fruit who like a disco!  Move your hips and shake your pips, lets get all EXCITED!!!
Star rating: * * * * 

Title: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Author: Roald Dahl
Illustrator: Quentin Blake
Recommended for: Seven and over – particularly for people who are crazy about chocolate.
Summary: A poor boy called Charlie Bucket loves chocolate. Luckily, Mr Willy Wonka makes the best chocolate ever and is putting five golden tickets in five Wonka bars all over the world, to enable lucky winners to visit his chocolate factory. Is Charlie lucky enough to get a golden ticket?
Star rating: * * * * 

Many thanks to all the children in Year 4 at Fairfield Park Lower School, who contributed the articles and artwork in this feature.