There is a Local Plan that sets out how the whole of Central Bedfordshire will develop until 2035. It outlines plans for housing, roads, schools and services such as health, as well as retail, leisure and community facilities.

The section titled East of Arlesey was of most interest to Fairfield as in the area between Fairfield and Arlesey 2,000 houses were proposed.

There were public consultations and many people submitted their views and objections, including Fairfield Parish Council (FPC) who were worried that the plan would have seen Arlesey and Fairfield joined.

There was a Public Inquiry last year and the inspectors required Central Bedfordshire Council to make changes; these proposed changes are now out for consultation until August 12. The full views of FPC together with the relevant comments from both the Inspectors and CBC can be seen on the website at The update document contains links so that people can read the Inspectors comments and CBC responses in full. A map showing the proposals is also available for viewing and for download from the website.