I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Tabitha: a delightful, precocious and engaging little girl who attends Fairfield Park Lower School. It was such an enjoyable conversation, during which Tabitha made me laugh repeatedly.

AF: Hello Tabitha! It’s so nice to see your happy face! Thank you for doing this with me – should we start with you introducing yourself?

T: Yes. I’m Tabitha.

AF: …Haha Ok, and you are currently a student at Fairfield Park Lower School, moving from year 2 –

T: Into year 3 now!

AF: Yes, of course! You must be really excited about that! Why don’t you tell me a little bit about your family?

T: Well my family – they are a bit strict now, because we’ve come up against the Coronavirus – so they’re strict about washing your hands. We’ve got this ultraviolet light and when you scan your hands through, they can check if you haven’t actually washed your hands.

AF: Wow, that does sound strict, but also very important because washing hands is an essential way of keeping safe and healthy! But who is in your family? I’d love to hear about them…

T: So there’s my Dad. And my Mum. And my tiny, 3 year old sister. She’s at a very busy age right now! Plus I have two Granddads and two Grandmas.

AF: And are you close with everyone in your family?

T: Yes, I’ve even got someone in my family at school – my cousin!

AF: Ah yes, what’s it like going to school with your cousin?

T: Hmmm… Distracting! Haha. And kind of worrying because when he falls over, he gets into a BIG strop and he’s already broken his right arm and I don’t want him to break any other arms again. I was crying because I was worried about him!

AF: Aww, but he turned out ok, didn’t he? Did he have to wear a cast?

T: Yeah, he did turn out ok. And he brought some pens and you could write something on the cast.

AF: What did you write for him?

T: I wrote, “I hope you feel well soon. Signed Tabitha, your cousin. Please keep this cast with you always. Love you.”

AF: It’s a good thing you pointed out to him that you’re his cousin, just in case he forgot.

T: Yes, well I like mentioning it to him because sometimes when we’re chatting, we can get a bit monstrous and then we walk away and we won’t see each other for a whole week, but then we come back together again.

AF: Sounds like you have a very normal family! I could certainly be monstrous to my cousins sometimes. So tell me, how have you been the past few months? It’s been really weird being out of school, hasn’t it?

T: I have missed school a little bit, and all my friends quite a lot, especially my teacher. But I am very excited to join back in September. It’s just 6 weeks now until we go back. Our new topic is Superheroes!

AF: I heard about Superheroes being the next topic – is that the one you voted for?

T: Yes, I really wanted it! Um, in Year 3 we are going to decorate our classroom like a Superhero den with gadgets and costumes and stuff.

AF: That sounds like it’s going to be so much fun! And I think it’s quite nice that your first week back to school in September will be with your teacher from last year.

T: I’m looking forward to it very much.

AF: So for the next 6 weeks that you’ll be on summer holiday, do you and your family have any plans? Will you be going anywhere on vacation?

T: Well, I’m visiting my Grandma and Granddad but it’s actually planning to rain for quite a few weeks, so I don’t think we’re going to go out that much, but we are going to do loads of crafts. I’ve done some painting already. Would you like to see?

AF: I’d love to see your paintings!

T: Ok, I have a few here and I’ll save the best for last… Here’s a cupcake, with sprinkles and a HUGE cherry on top! And here’s a nature scene with a butterfly – I used a stencil for the butterfly. And this one is a park. Notice how I put the pool under the slide. And this is my favourite – I’m sure you can see why!

AF: Haha I can see why, it’s so well done! What a beautiful giraffe – you’re quite talented, Tabitha! Really fantastic!

T: My Grandma is better because she does very better paintings because she’s had loads of experience over the years.

AF: Well, you know they say ‘practice makes perfect’ so if you keep painting all the time, you’re going to keep getting better too, aren’t you?

T: And one day I’m going to be better than my Grandma! Haha

AF: I’m sure Grandma is very happy to hear that! Haha. Ok, final question: what are you most looking forward to about going back to school?

T: Hmmm… Definitely seeing my friends again. And seeing my new teacher, and it’ll be lovely to see my old teacher as well.

AF: Is there anything else you’d like to mention to me before we say goodbye?

T: Yes, I’ve learned to do gymnastics! I’ve been practising and the first time someone taught it to me – I nailed it!

AF: What have you learned, tell me…

T: It’s a handstand and I lean against the wall to balance. I do them all the time now – I only learned it yesterday. And I’m really good.

AF: I have absolutely no doubt about that! Thank you so much for speaking with me today, it’s been such a pleasure!

T: Thank you Amber! Bye!

Amber Fortier moved to Fairfield Park in 2017 with her husband and three young children. She is originally from New York.