Apples: the orchards are groaning with them, and with Apple Day cancelled, there is a risk that many of them may go to waste. There is a limit to the number the rabbits and birds can consume or even to the amount of apple cakes you can make! We usually press a good number for juice and cider at Apple Day, so this year things will be a bit different – but we can still make juice. 

If you’d like to have a go, first spend some quality family time out in the Orchards picking apples, fill up baskets and carrier bags and bring them along to the Community Hall on Saturday 19 or Sunday 27 September between 10am and 3pm. If you don’t have an apple picker, there are some to borrow from the Community Hall. 

You will find gazebos set up and all the pressing equipment ready for you to use, with help on hand to guide you through the process. There are no time slots, so you may have to wait – socially distanced of course. 

You will need to prep your apples. Tables will be ready, and sanitisers and gloves will be on hand, but you’ll probably want to bring your own knife and chopping board. Don’t forget to bring containers to collect your juice, either to drink there and then or to take away.  

There are very few drinks that are finer than freshly squeezed, totally organic, nothing added apple juice – it’s even better if you’ve picked the apples and pressed them yourself!

So, the small print: Please do not attend if you are ill. You will need to sign a track and trace form. Bring your own apples. If possible bring your own knife and chopping board. Bring your own cups to taste the juice and/or containers to take it away. You may also like to bring a cup to taste the 2019 cider. Children are welcome, but must be closely supervised.