Have you walked past the Community Hall recently? No… why not? Put your shoes on, head outside and take a stroll to the hall. Once you’re there, stand outside, point at it and say, “Yay, the Community Hall is open.” Why would you do this? Because going for a walk is good for you – and also, it’s true, the Community Hall has reopened!

To make sure it’s safe for all visitors, they’ve been busy making changes. While the Hall was closed, the team took the opportunity to give the whole place a deep clean and redecorate the toilet areas, foyer and offices.

When you visit, the first thing you will notice is a large sign blocking your way in through the normal entrance, asking you to use the rear door. Just head around to the back of the building, ignoring all side entrances, and you’ll see the new arrivals area. A foot-operated hand sanitation point is at the door: the first of many located throughout the building. Then there’s a reception area to easily manage the flow of visitors and also register everyone for Track and Trace. There is a one-way system inside the building, and only one person at a time is allowed in the toilets.

Additional daily cleaning is also taking place, and extra equipment has been purchased to help with this – including a great gadget called a fogger, which mists disinfectant over surfaces and into every crack. Only plastic chairs are being used, so they can be wiped down easily, and tables and all non-essential items are cleaned and stored after use. 

The Hall Trustees have been working closely with those who hire the Hall to check their risk assessments match up – receiving feedback on their own efforts and ensuring that all hirers take the necessary precautions, such as taking temperatures at the door.

One Hall Trustee told FM: “It’s great to see the groups and clubs back, and the range of activities on offer is increasing every day. In these ever-changing times, we will continue to work hard to put the community back in the Fairfield Community Hall.”