Fairfield Parish Council has been approached by a very kind lady wanting to do a very neighbourly thing on Christmas Day. She has a very large family and normally feeds the 5,000 – but this year she will only be cooking for four.

She is therefore offering to cook dinner for anyone in Fairfield who will be spending the day either alone or as a couple and for whom cooking a proper Christmas Dinner is a problem. She is happy to plate and deliver. If you would like to take her up on this offer, or you know of anyone else who would appreciate a Christmas Dinner and will otherwise make do with something less special, please email hello@fairfieldparishcouncil.gov.uk or phone 07419 282554, remembering to mention any specific dietary requirements.  

Or perhaps you think this is a great idea and would also like to offer to cook an extra dinner for a lone Fairfield resident? If so, please contact FPC using the same contact details.