An engraving of the Three Counties Asylum building as it was when first built, seen from the north, was printed with an article about the opening of the new ‘asylum near Arlsey’ in the Illustrated London News on 7 July 1860. An original copy of this article is one of the many artefacts belonging to a collection acquired by Fairfield Parish Council (FPC) from a local collector in 2017. Although pieces from the collection – which includes branded crockery and glassware, medical paraphernalia, hospital signage, photos and letters, a rare asylum fire helmet and even a straightjacket – have been shown occasionally at community events, they have never been on permanent display. However, that may be about to change thanks to the Fairfield WI, who have applied to FPC for a grant to buy or build a cabinet in which to display the items in Fairfield Community Hall. FPC is considering their application and has kindly allowed us to photograph some of the items to share in future editions of Fairfield Matters.