Fairfield Community Church (FCC) hosted The Big Quiz Night once again in 2021. This is an annual quiz held in support of the charity Tearfund – a Christian charity passionate about ending global poverty, which tackles poverty through sustainable development, responding to disasters and challenging injustice. Tearfund is also a member of the Disasters Emergency Committee.

Last year FCC hosted the quiz on zoom, so it was wonderful to see so many Fairfield residents and friends attend this year’s quiz in person in Fairfield Community Hall. We joined 8,794 quizzers up and down the UK who were taking part on the night. We had 11 teams fighting to be crowned this year’s ‘Eggheads’, and the crown went to the Fairfield Bowls Club team (Gary Gunn, Lynne Awbery, Brian Rawson, Stella Wilson, Di Pearce and Roy Dallas) – deserving winners who were strong from the start.

On the night, we watched a short video about Abigael, a farmer and mother of five from Burkina Faso. In recent years, Burkina Faso has suffered from recurring droughts, and Abigael can no longer grow enough to feed and take care of her family. She is not alone. Around 80 per cent of people in Burkina Faso rely on farming for food and income. Yet because of the changing climate, 1 in 10 are now going hungry and need emergency help. Tearfund, with our donations, can support some of the world’s most vulnerable communities to adapt to these new challenges and flourish.

Our event raised an amazing £975, surpassing the 2020 total, and FCC matched this to bring the grand total up to £1950. Nationwide, £85,823 was raised. A huge thank you to all those who attended the quiz night and those who donated. We would also like to take this opportunity to give special thanks to Fairfield Tesco and Coreys Mill Sainsbury’s for donating many of the prizes for the raffle. We hope to see you at The Big Quiz Night again next year!

Allison Jack on behalf of FCC