Many residents will have seen that Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) has made an Order to prohibit any person proceeding on foot or horseback or cycle along the length of Bridleway No 2, Fairfield, from 24 April for six months (with a possible extension beyond that), stating that this temporary closure is required to enable improvement works to the right of way. There is no alternative route for bridleway users while the closure is in operation.

Although the extent of the closure and the timescale has given rise to speculation about what kind of works will be taking place, we understand that the plans are for a simple planed-surface path with a granite-dusted top. This will bring the whole path up to a similar level of finish, improving access for pedestrians and removing the risk of standing water and mud, which is a problem on the western part of the path – between West Drive and Brunel Walk, and particularly the section from West Drive to Livingstone Way – in wintertime. We can also clarify that works will be completed in sections, starting at the northernmost end of the marked path, and that each section is not expected to be closed for longer than two weeks; the six-month window is to allow for flexibility in timing.

We have been informed that work should start next week, but keep an eye out for notices posted on specific sections of the path for any further details about the timing of the rolling closures.