Dear Editor

I am the granddaughter of the victim of the car accident that occurred on 24 June. My 67-year-old grandma was walking back home after dropping my little sister to her school in Stotfold.

Fortunately on the day of the incident, the driver, witnesses (one included an off-duty police officer) and many neighbours were present and extended as much aid and comfort as they could – while she lay immobile in the middle of the road for over an hour due to the extent of her injuries – until the paramedics arrived. Her serious injuries have led to a prolonged impairment of health but she has undergone major surgery and has the support of her family and community on her road to recovery.

The crossing/junction of Fairfield Gardens has always been frowned upon from both drivers and pedestrians alike due to the speeding. A couple of suggestions my family would like to see introduced include speed bumps, a zebra crossing, a wider pedestrian walkway and separate cycling path, and a lower speed limit, all with the main goal to increase visibility and safety of pedestrians on the road.

With consideration to the rapid development and growing population of the community, safety measures are imperative especially for the sake of our vulnerable members to feel safe when going about. This is CBC’s responsibility.

These recent incidents should not be treated as eye-openers. This issue has been ongoing and these incidents are the consequences of neglect. We need to do better for our younger and older generations in our community. Thank you for this opportunity to express our sentiments following the incident, it means a lot to me and my family.

Kind regards,

Tiara Sepulchre

Dear Editor

I saw the article from Peter Land last month and wanted to let him know that some swifts were flying round the South Wing for a couple of weeks, but now seem to have moved on!

Hazel Stewart

Dear Editor

We had gone to Shuttleworth last month to look at classic cars, historic aircraft and the like, not particularly the house and gardens. I understand that the Swiss Garden “was created between 1824 and 1832. The garden has a romantic, magical feel and it is thought that Colonel Frank Shuttleworth and his young bride Dorothy spent a great deal of time here during their courtship”. Perhaps a walk round it was a sop to Rita my wife.

What we had not expected was a wonderful competition between Bedfordshire’s Junior Schools, to arrange a Wheelbarrow full of flowers, plants and other items to celebrate the Jubilee. Voting was by ‘tokens’ which could be put in a box by each barrow. I believe the saying ‘vote early, vote often’ was coined in Chicago many years ago! I followed it!

I thought our own school’s entry was a really worthy one, from the flowers, plants and items used in their display down to the wonderful portrait of Her Majesty.

I thought FM would be interested in the competition if they were not already aware of it, and might even be able to report how Fairfield Park Lower School fared!

Geoff Smith