Fairfield artist Vanessa Hocking-Creek has set herself the challenge of painting 100 portraits this summer, and would love for them to all be of Fairfield residents. She has signed up about half the people she needs, but there’s still plenty of room for more to get involved. You just need to live in Fairfield, have a photo of yourself you’d like to see painted, and be happy for the finished artwork to be shared across social media.

The paintings will all be oil on stretched canvas, 15cm square in size, and will be available for the subjects to buy once the project is complete, although there is no pressure to do so. If you’d like to join in, just email a photo of yourself (or a member of your family who lives in Fairfield) to hockingcreek@ yahoo.com. If you prefer to spectate, Vanessa will be posting the portraits on Instagram as she completes them: @vanessa.hockingcreek.art