Dear Editor,

It is disappointing to find that a small number of people don’t respect the beautifully kept space we are privileged to share with other residents of Fairfield. Many people will have seen the rubbish (such as used barbecue trays, cardboard boxes and plastic bags) dumped beside the bottle bank bins. Some will have seen this dog waste bin at the top of West Drive close to the west orchard stuffed with cans and other rubbish which prevents it being used for its correct purpose.

We are so lucky to have these facilities enabling us to keep our streets and walking areas clean and tidy. I hope the people who empty our waste bins don’t refuse to do so when they find them in this state. We treasure our walks here every day and I have hundreds of photos of wonderful Fairfield; it is sad to spoil the image with one that is the result of irresponsible behaviour.

Name withheld

Dear Editor,

The quick answer to the HItchin Road speed problem is to make the short distance from the A507 roundabout to the lights 30mph. I have pressed the Ward Councillor on this on many occasions.

Leslie Pike

Dear Editor,

I am a resident of Fairfield Hall, and I read with interest and concern the Road Safety article in the July edition of Fairfield Matters. There is also a problem at the junction of Kingsley Avenue and Hitchin Road, where cars enter and exit the Hall grounds and a foot and cycle path crosses the road. The short stretch of road outside the Hall gates is required by visitors (who have no entry zapper) to stop their vehicles and use the keypad to gain access to the Hall grounds.

Because of the building works which have been taking place on Hitchin Road for many months now, contractors have parked their vehicles on this road. This has caused dangerous problems for vehicles turning into Kingsley Avenue from Hitchin Road. Some large vans have been parking right on the very corner of Hitchin Road/Kingsley Avenue and up the short roadway to the gates obliterating any view for car drivers. More importantly, because of their dangerous parking, when residents turn into Kingsley Avenue from Hitchin Road, and there is another vehicle coming the other way, the road is not wide enough for them to pass one another. I have had to stop my car on the main Hitchin Road as I could not get into Kingsley Avenue, the car behind me on Hitchin Road was not pleased even though I had indicated my intention. This happened on numerous occasions and not only to me. The contractors’ parking also causes problems with clearly seeing the road when crossing from the footpath.

I have been to explain this situation to the site manager three times. Each time the contractors parked elsewhere for a few days – until different contractors appeared and the same problem occurred again. I realise that this problem could be eliminated once the houses are completed, but at the moment it is an accident waiting to happen, especially, as you said in your article, as this pathway is constantly used by school children, joggers, walkers and cyclists.

Could the answer be double yellow lines? Or a ‘no parking’ notice at the entrance to Kingsley Avenue? I’m not sure if the Parish Council could help with this matter?

Eileen Burrows

Dear Editor,

Following on from your article on Road Safety in the July issue of Fairfield Matters, I have set up a petition to highlight the issues on Hitchin Road. The shared pedestrian/cycle path connecting Fairfield to Stotfold is not fit for purpose and a proactive approach with positive action is now sought from Central Bedfordshire Council to improve the current situation.

The petition gathered over 500 signatures within a few days, and now has over 600. If you would like to add your voice, you can sign it by going to or scanning the QR code below. Thank you.

Carl Powell

Dear Readers,

We rarely respond to the letters on this page, feeling that the topics raised often speak for themselves. However, we feel it’s pertinent from time to time to remind our readers that although members of Fairfield Parish Council do read Fairfield Matters, writing a letter to us does not count as raising an issue with them.

If you have a problem you’d like help resolving or a suggestion for an improvement you’d like to see in Fairfield, please write to FPC ( and/ or to our CBC ward councillors as well as to us.

Likewise, if an issue highlighted by another reader strikes a chord with you, the fact that they have raised it does not prevent you from also doing so. In local politics the numbers of people raising a concern can be important, and to be counted you have to go through the appropriate channels.

Many thanks for reading, and keep writing!

The FM team