Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) has launched a consultation with a view to setting down a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan for routes in and around Arlesey, Fairfield, Henlow and Stofold.

If you’d like to let them know what you think about the paths in our parish and what improvements you think are needed, there is an interactive platform that allows you to mark a spot on a map and leave your linked comment. You can also read and ‘like’ comments left by others.

Several notes have already been posted about the shared foot- and cycle path between Fairfield and the A507, which we reported on recently and which many schoolchildren use on their way to and from our catchment middle schools in Stotfold. There are also a few comments relating to the West Drive and other paths in our parish or very nearby.

According to CBC, “The information from the platform will help develop a package of improvement schemes that will form a comprehensive cycling and walking network. Residents will have a further opportunity to comment on this Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan.”

Across all areas covered by the consultation, residents are speaking up about narrow paths, overgrown hedges, lack of barriers between the path and the road, uneven surfaces, inadeqate lighting, flooding and more. The online platform closed on Tuesday 1 November. Visit https://centralbedfordshire.commonplace.is/