As your Christmas cards start to flood in over the next few weeks, please remember to save all your used stamps (UK and foreign) for Kicks Count, to help the charity raise vital funds.

I am a volunteer who acts as a local collection point for the charity. The collected stamps are weighed and sold to a waste stamp collector. Throughout the past few years, even during the pandemic, Fairfield residents have kindly helped donate stamps towards this important cause.

Kicks Count is the UK’s leading baby movement resource and awareness campaign, which aims to reduce stillbirths and neonatal deaths by empowering expectant mums with knowledge about baby movements during pregnancy. Fundraising pays for leaflets and posters to be printed and distributed nationwide to midwives, antenatal groups, doctors’ surgeries and hospitals, and each stamp collected could help save a precious little life.

Please drop stamp donations in an envelope or bag to 18 Nickleby Way, or post into the collection box in the foyer of Fairfield Community Hall. Any number of stamps really will make a huge difference. Please leave a paper border around the stamp where possible, as any stamps which are torn or missing the perforated edges can’t be accepted. Grateful thanks to our wonderful community for their continued support, it really is appreciated.

If you’d like further information about the charity visit

Claire Hewitt-Tecim