Road Safety Week is a big road safety campaign. Every year, thousands of schools, organisations and communities get involved to share important road safety messages. Road Safety Week 2022 took place from 14 to 20 November.

As well as taking part in a number of road safety activities the pupils at Fairfield Park Lower School had a visit from parish councillor Barrie Dack. He was there to talk about road safety and to answer the children’s questions.

Among the topics the children brought up was the dangers the children face crossing from Fairfield Park to the Ruskin Road site, especially when the crossing lights aren’t working.

The children also thought that there should be more signage outside the school in Dickens Boulevard to warn motorists to slow down because they were approaching a school.

Whilst the speed limit is 20mph throughout Fairfield, sadly this is sometimes ignored. To help drivers to remember this, some pupils decided to point this out to them. A participant in this demonstration tells us what they did:

“Last week, Year Four pupils from FPLS made signs on the topic of ‘Twenty’s Plenty’. Standing outside the school on Dickens Boulevard, we protested that the speed limit should be kept to 20. For all of our safety, the lower the speed limit outside the school, the lower the risk of accident or injury. Shouting out and waving our signs, we made passing cars near the school aware that we thought the speed limit should be kept at twenty or lower. By beeping their horns and waving, drivers showed their support for our campaign. In conclusion, we helped to raise awareness in our community for cars to drive at 20 or under. Remember ‘Twenty’s Plenty!’”

Freya MacDonald, Year 4 FPLS pupil