Back in June 2014 the idea for the Community Garden started to move from a concept into a reality. My original aim was to build a sense of community through a project that the youth could get involved in, which was the creation of a sensory and wild flower garden. This in turn would provide a space where the whole of Fairfield could enjoy and marvel at God’s creation.

A garden design competition was held amongst Fairfield Park Lower School pupils which determined the plans for the garden, and each year we have had groups of young people come and help in the garden from both the Beavers and Fairfield Park Lower School. With the exception of these two groups of young people, the original aim of involving the youth of Fairfield has not been fulfilled quite as I had envisaged.

That said, with funding support from the Parish Council and Fairfield Community Church, and with discounts gratefully received from Thornes and MJ Ryall, over the past four years our small band of volunteers (Andy, Valerie, Richard, Ray, the two Keiths and Brian) has certainly delivered on the second aim of providing a space the whole of Fairfield could enjoy.

The first phase of the project (which is to establish the hard landscaping and basic form of the garden) is almost complete; by the time this article is in your hands the roof will have been completed on the veranda, which we hope you will enjoy when sitting to watch the wildlife. Now that we have a shed we would welcome donations of any garden tools people don’t need.

We would love to see more volunteers come and join us (Fridays 10am–12noon) to help maintain the garden or start a new project (possibly a bog garden). Working in the garden is great for your health and mental wellbeing. We would love to see you soon.

Spencer Oliver