Sisters Emily and Izzy Marshall, aged 9 and 10, realised that because of lockdown lots of charities would miss out on so much of their fundraising as all events are currently cancelled. Charities rely on events for a large part of their funding and with that stopping so suddenly they wanted to do something to help raise some money. 

“We decided to choose a local charity, Keech Hospice Care, and thought of lots of activities that we could do to get support from our friends and family. In the end we challenged ourselves to read the entire David Walliams book collection in just two weeks! We split the 18 books between us and started on Monday 25 June. The challenge would mean reading one book every day and a half. Some of the books were so, so long, others slightly shorter. We read everywhere and anywhere we could…at breakfast and lunch, in the garden and still managed to carry on with some school work too. Every time we finished a book we recorded a book review so that people could be sure we had read it thoroughly and posted the review online.” 

Sadly Emily got hay-fever in the second week and her eyes were so swollen and itchy so she fell a little bit behind. On the last weekend Izzy showed great team spirit by helping her read one of her final books, and the pair completed their challenge in the set time, finishing the final book at 7pm on Sunday 7 June.  

“We have raised £690 for Keech Hospice Care which we were so happy about and received a lovely email from them. The money will help mean that they can continue to support families during very difficult times and caring for people is so important. There is still time to donate if anyone would like to do so . Thank you for reading our story.”