Those less inclined to sport but still keen to exercise for their physical and mental health have been out in force in the good weather, exploring the local area – and what better way to get your daily exercise than to go for a ramble? We are lucky to live in such a lovely place which makes it so easy to walk. For those less familiar with what’s right on our doorstep, or in need of new inspiration, we share a few ideas. 

Photo: Deborah Kane

Most residents have already discovered the walk around the perimeter path (or shelter belt) of Fairfield Park. Start anywhere, but if you aren’t sure, start at the roundabout at the entrance to the Park and just stick to the footpath until you get back to your starting point. It’s almost exactly 2km.

For a shorter walk, and fun with children, you could follow the nature trail through the two orchards. Start in the East Orchard by the obelisk monument in Palmerston Way, look at the information board and then set off following the signs, checking out the boards and the etchings on the bollards. Maybe bring along a crayon and some paper to take your own brass rubbings.

Alternatively, you could wander over to Eliot Way, on the north edge of Fairfield, and walk into the woods. Look out for the memorial circle on the ground, and then explore the big expanse of green areas that open up for you. You can creep into the wooded areas at the northern edge and duck and weave through the arched and low hanging trees.

It’s also possible to walk to Arlesey along a mostly pedestrianised route thanks to the West Drive, a former access road (and railway route) to the Three Counties Asylum, which is now closed to traffic. Pick it up at the end of Hardy Way (where it doesn’t quite meet Eliot Way). If you walk all the way down West Drive, cross over the road, follow your nose until you reach the railway bridge, cross over the railway line and finally into the fields beyond, you will find ponies, a brook safe enough to paddle in, and lots of paths to investigate.

If you want a more substantial walk that will fill a large part of your day, try the Etonbury Green Wheel. Visit and search ‘Etonbury Green Wheel’ to download the leaflet. Also check out the guided walks that can be downloaded from Stotfold Town Council’s website (www.stotfold​ Walk 5 takes in Fairfield.