It is a sad but inevitable fact that sooner or later (hopefully much later) we’ll all have to face the death of a loved one.

If you live in Fairfield or have close connections with the village, you may feel it would be appropriate and comforting to have a memorial here.

Fairfield Parish Council (FPC) was recently asked if it would be possible to plant a memorial tree in the orchard.  It was agreed that this would be a lovely idea. However, it was also agreed that FPC couldn’t agree to blanket consent for anyone to plant whatever they wanted, wherever they wanted.  

And so a policy was drafted and accepted.  It can be found in full on the FPC website (www.fairfield​parish​ – but in essence it guarantees that sympathy and respect are accorded to those wishing to plant a memorial tree, and further ensures that any memorial trees are not out of place in the location where they are planted.  

Trees will have to be selected from a list held by FPC, which will only include the type of heritage trees that already grow in our orchards. A plaque will be allowed, but must be of a specified maximum size, and obtained from the Woodland Trust.