Two new councillors were co-opted to Fairfield Parish Council at the council meeting on Thursday 9 December. They fill the vacancies left by the resignations of Amanda Hunt and Vinesh Khatwa earlier in the year. Three people put themselves forward in advance of the meeting, each making a strong case for their election. The three gave short presentations outlining how they felt they could be of value to the community, and then answered a variety of questions put by the council. The matter was then settled with a vote, in which it was decided to co-opt Anna Papakosta and Tony Hopkins.

Anna has lived in Fairfield since 2015, first in the Hall and now in Middlemarch. She is a trustee of the Fairfield Community Trust and has spent a large part of her working life in education. Her special interests include environmental issues and she is eager to invest in electric charging points for residents who live in locations where they can’t install their own. Tony is a relative newcomer to the village, having moved to Fairfield Gardens in January. He has a commercial background and is also a former Special Constable. He is keen to listen to the views of parishioners and help develop community cohesion. His experience as a Special Constable has given him insight into neighbourhood problems and anti-social behaviour.