For our special Christmas Issue, who better to interview than our own magical, mystical Fairfield Elves! Although the Elves are extremely busy at this time of year inspecting Fairfield residents’ Christmas lights and sending letters of praise, they’ve been gracious enough to answer the questions put forth by the 1st Fairfield Park Beavers, all of whom popped on their thinking caps to ask the Elves lots of interesting questions. I hope you enjoy this Christmas cheer as much as I do…

Kirsten: How many Fairfield Elves are there?

Elves: Ten

Joshua: How tall are you?

Elves: Like humans we come in all shapes and sizes. But we are much smaller than you. We have to stand on each other’s shoulders to reach your letterboxes!

Olivia: What are your names?

Elves: Ginger, Cinnamon, Cheeky, Sparkles, Ludwig, Snowball, Nutmeg, Crackers, Snowflake and Papa Elf.

Xavi: How do the Elves know where all the children on Fairfield live?

Elves: We don’t! Of course Santa knows, but we are here to help plan the route and make sure Santa doesn’t get lost, which is why we like your lights so much. We deliver notes wherever we see sparkly lights that will help Santa on his way.

Mollie: What is the Elves’ favourite food?

Elves: What they say in the films is right! Candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup! We also really love popcorn and fudge!

Noah: Do you travel in an elf car, or an elf plane, elf bike or another means?

Elves: We travel by magic!

Theo: What is your favourite type of Christmas decoration?

Elves: Lights!

Jasper: Why do elves wear hats?

Elves: It is very cold in the North Pole, so it just makes good sense.

Jack: What is your favourite animal?

Elves: Reindeer 🙂

Christopher: Do you like mince pies?

Elves: Some of us do, but I think most of us prefer gingerbread.

Jack: I also wanted to know if you prefer McDonald’s or KFC?

Elves: We have to stay hidden, so we don’t get to go! We don’t have either at the North Pole.

The Fairfield Elves reward decorated houses with festive letters, and have become a much loved and anticipated part of the Christmas build up across the village. This year’s letters carry the words ‘We’ve been elved’ and started popping up in windows early in December.