Our Community Hall is a great facility, which hosts badminton, parties, dance and fitness classes and many, many other other activities every day. However, it is not ideal for small group meetings, book clubs, toddler meetups and so on – the halls are large with high ceilings and struggle to be cozy or intimate.

However, there is another building in Fairfield which could serve this function, and it’s one you might not have thought of: the cricket pavilion. This is only used by the cricket club during the summer, and even then not every day. The rest of the time it stands empty and unused.

At the moment, the inside of the pavilion is in a fairly poor state. The flooring is threadbare and shabby, the kitchen area neglected and dilapidated, and the toilets unspeakable! But it has potential. Seeing this, Fairfield Parish Council approached Letchworth Cricket Club and has negotiated permission to use the rooms.

If you sampled the WI ladies’ tea and cakes at Apple Day, you may have noticed that they were using the pavilion. They went in and did an amazing clean-up job beforehand to make everything hygienic, but the whole place needs a major refurbishment if it is to become a real asset to Fairfield.

The ball is now in Fairfield Parish Council’s court (or should that be crease?). We look forward to seeing their plans to revive the pavilion and provide an alternative community space we can all benefit from in the months and years to come.