chin-ups-rubber-mulch-700x600Fairfield Parish Council is considering installing an Outdoor Gym or Trim Trail in the parish, but where should it go and what should it look like? Time to have your say.

The recent consultations for the Parish Plan and the Neighbourhood Plan identified an aspiration amongst Fairfield residents for adult exercise equipment to enhance our green spaces.

The kind of equipment illustrated below has proved popular in other areas and has many benefits, from improving health to promoting social fitness and senior citizen engagement, aiding rehabilitation from sports injuries and enhancing community spirit. 

It is inclusive, catering for all abilities and many disabilities. It will be aimed at runners and residents who like to keep fit and is intended for use by anyone from the age of 14 upwards.

Fairfield Parish Council has done some research into the options available, and would now like to hear residents’ thoughts.

What do you think of the idea? Would you use the equipment, and do you have a preference for a collection of gym equipment in one place or a trim trail spread across various locations? Where in Fairfield would you like to see this type of equipment installed? Do you have a preference for one style over another, or expertise gained from using similar equipment elsewhere? Please email your views to Cllr Amanda Hunt:

If you would like to find out more, visit